How not to put on the pounds this winter

With misty mornings and frosty weather, it’s easy to comfort eat. Warm hot chocolate, festive drinks, baked goods and crumble with custard are all on the top of our list during winter. It’s important to treat yourself, but it’s easy to over indulge when it’s cold! Here are some tips on how to avoid the poundage during these winter months.

Stay active

When you’re tucked up in bed in the morning, it’s hard to drag yourself out for a workout. An extra hour warm in bed is just too tempting! It’s even more tempting when you have to step outside to go for a run. A good way to resist this temptation is to think of the benefits of your morning run – does it relax you, do you enjoy running through the frosty green space? Or even just breathing in the crisp air can be enjoyable! Alternatively, you might like to swap your outdoor workouts for some indoor ones. Hit the gym, sign up to some gym classes (then you definitely can’t bail!). Changing it up will also keep things interesting so you’re inspired.

Stock healthy food

It’s easy to head to the fridge or cupboard when you’re looking for comfort food. And that’s totally fine… if it’s full of healthy food! Comfort food might be needed during winter, so make sure you stock up on healthy treats as well as filling food. Think lentils, beans or wholesome baked goods.

Avoid festive sugary drinks

Caramel cinnamon frappuccino with a side of festivity is more than applying during the holiday season. But try not to substitute your morning coffee for one! They’re usually full of more sugar and additives than you can begin to imagine. Instead, sprinkle some cinnamon over your latte or stick to festive coffees as a treat.

Indulge in winter veg

I know what you’re thinking – how can you possibly be indulging with veg? Well, roast some seasonal veg with rosemary and drizzle some tahini on it as a side dish. You’ll not only feel satisfied, but also warm and comforted. And the best news? This kinda comfort is guilt-fee!

Make healthy food swaps

If you’re partial to some festive sugary treats, try subbing out your usual ingredients that aren’t so healthy. Swap in vegetable based dips instead of creamy ones – aubergine dip is delish. Instead of buying ready-made popcorn, pop your own in a saucepan with coconut oil and a sprinkle of salt. Finally, try adding in low-fat Greek yoghurt to recipes that involved cream or christmassy brandy butter.

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