The pea protein secret

Pea protein is derived from the yellow split pea. It is a green powder and one of the main ingredients in our delicious breakfast protein smoothies. Here’s the insider knowledge on why it should be part of your diet!

Where is it from?

Yellow split peas are found all over the world. They are mainly cultivated in Russia, China, India, Canada and across the US. Split lentils are usually cooked in dahl, soup or curry. But you can use them as a replacement for meat in almost anything!

Why should we eat it?

Pea protein is often a go-to for vegans and people with dairy, gluten or egg allergies. It is high in protein and low in fat. In 2012, it was proven that pea protein is a similar quality to eggs or soy, which are complete sources of protein (1). Complete sources give you all the amino acids that your body can’t make. Unlike most plant proteins, pea protein is the whole package! Pea protein is particularly rich in Arginine – a crucial amino acid for muscle building. Although this is a great way to get essential protein, it’s not the be-all-end-all: pea protein lacks fatty acids that fish and nuts give you. So while it’s a great addition to your diet, we wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement for meat, fish or other natural sources of protein.

When should we eat it?

We always recommend eating protein for breakfast. It fuels your body and stops you from being super hungry later on in the day. This is why we use it in our breakfast smoothies along with Hemp Protein for a full set of amino acids. It’s also a good idea to eat protein before or after you workout. By eating pea protein beforehand, the good stuff will be in your system ready to repair your muscles as you work them. Having it within half an hour of finishing a workout will also have a similar effect, but might not be as efficient.

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