The power of (green) powders!

We love green powder. Not just any green powder, but that which is derived from some of the healthiest foods on the planet. That is why all of our protein smoothies and our superfood shots green feature a combination of different greens. We’ve put together a guide to the power of the green powders we use in our products!


Wheatgrass is a green powder whose taste resembles that of lawn clippings (luckily you don’t taste it in our smoothies!). It is derived from leaf seeds of common wheat called cotyledons. Wheatgrass is harvested when the sprouts begin to split to provide maximum nutrition.

Wheatgrass is packed with minerals, including A, B-complex, C, E, 1 and K. It is also extremely rich in protein and contains as many as 17 amino acids! Wheatgrass is made up of 70% chlorophyll (hence its green colour!). Chlorophyll contains a protein found in red blood cells which also slow down the aging process (including hair starting to grey). It is also anti-bacterial and because it is grown in organic soil, it absorbs 92 of 115 known minerals. Chlorophyll also detoxifies your body to maintain a healthy liver and clear skin.

Green tea extract

Green tea has a bitter taste but is one of our favourite health tonics around. Originally from China, green tea comes from Cemellia sinensis leaves.

Because green tea is not fermented, but steamed at high temperatures, its extract contains polyphenols. These can help prevent inflammation and is good for you cartilage, keeping bones and joints healthy. Although we don’t know why yet, research has shown that these molecules can also help human papilloma virus and cervical dysplasia (1). GTE contains between 2-4% of caffeine. This improves your thinking as it releases neurotransmitters, and increases your metabolic rate and aiding weight loss. It is also full of antioxidants and other detoxifying substances. Theses can help protect your heart and blood vessels.


Spirulina is a beautiful turquoise coloured powder. Organic spirulina is a type of algae! Although it has a kind of fishy smell and taste, we highly recommend adding it to your diet. This is due to its extensive health benefits. Organic spirulina is produced in fresh water with the help of warm sunlight.

There are endless health benefits to spirulina, but we’ll condense them down to the most significant. Illnesses such as Candida and leaky gut syndrome are directly linked to microfloral imbalance. Spirulina is an anti-microbial agent. This means that it can help rebalance your digestive system. Japanese researchers have found that spirulina also lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol (2). It reverses endothelial dysfunction in metabolic syndrome. This blue-green substance is also known to speed up weight loss because of its high protein content. Your body takes more energy to metabolize protein so helps you maintain lean muscle and increase your fat burning rate. With its anti-inflammatory properties, spirulina helps reduce sinus issues, too.


Chlorella is a blue-green algae superfood related to spirulina. It is one of the oldest traditions in Asia, especially Japan. It grows in almost any pond or lake across the globe.

Studies show that chlorella is good for the entire body. It regulates hormone function, cardiovascular healthy, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol (3). The algae’s rich green colour comes from its high chlorophyll content. This detoxifies the body, especially the liver as it increases phase 2 biotransformation enzymes.

Barley grass

Is an emerald green member of the grass family – it is one of the most common cereals grown. The cultivation of barley grass occurred for over 10,000 years. It is grown in temperate climates, particularly in Eurasia.

Barley grass is packed with antioxidants. Amongst a whole wealth of vitamins, it contains Vitamin E, B, beta carotene and iron. It is a good source of phcocyanin (a blue pigment) which supports the production of bone marrow and blood cells. The grass is filled with good bacteria for your gut and it treats ulcerative colitis. It also helps regulate bowel movements. Barley grass works to eliminate accumulated toxins from the body and supports the metabolic process. Its juice protects against UV radiations and has therapeutic effects on existing cell damage.

Grapeseed extract

Grapeseed Extract is a greeny-brown powder with a bitter taste. It is derived from ground seeds of red wine grapes.

The main reason to take Grapeseed extract is because of its antioxidant properties. These protect cells from damage and diseases. It is also known to reduce swelling and inflammation!

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