The Power of Probiotics – maintaining a healthy gut!

These days we are so conscious of allergies and most foods you buy are sterilised. This is good for the most part, except that it kills off good bacteria that your gut actually needs. This can lead to an imbalance of bacteria in your gut which is a condition known as symbiosis and affects the body in a negative way. Probiotics work in your gut to replace the good bacteria and restore a balanced levels of bacteria. Here are five reasons why you should include probiotics in your diet:

Immune system

80% of your immune system resides in the gut. You’ll always have good and bad bacteria in your gut. If you don’t have enough of the good guys then the bad bacteria can ‘taker over’ and colonise. This can lead to diseases such as IBD. When you eat sugary food, you’ll be feeding the bad bacteria but if you have enough good bacteria you’ll be able to fight off the bad and maintain good levels for optimum nutrient absorption!

Enhance nutrient absorption

You can fill your stomach with superfoods and all kinds of healthy supplements, but without a balanced bacteria level in your gut, you won’t absorb nearly as many nutrients. This is because digestive bacteria and enzymes help break down your food in the gut – without enough good bacterias, your body will struggle to get all the goodness out of the food you eat. By ensuring that probiotics are in your diet, you’ll be getting the most out of your food!

Improve your mood

Ever get that gut feeling? As it happens, it’s more than just psychological… having a healthy gut can improve your emotions and your cognitive function (1). In fact, the bacteria in your gut helps produce most of the chemicals in your nervous system. This means it is responsible for creating serotonin (the chemical which creates the happiness emotion). By adding probiotics to your diet, you can make sure that your gut is in the best position to create chemicals that are essential to a positive mind-set and a good mood (2).

Reduce fatigue

Have you ever eaten so much that you felt tired and lethargic after? That’s because fatigue is linked with digestion – it also happens if you have the wrong sort of bacteria in your gut. When your digestive tract is unbalanced, your body has to work twice as hard to extract the nutrients out of the food you eat. Studies have shown that the intake of probiotics for 6 weeks improves your strength, muscle weight and decreases fatigue! (3)

Balance Blood Sugar

Several studies have shown that obtaining probiotics from fortified yoghurt can balance glucose levels. (4) Although this is generally beneficial to human health, it is especially useful for people with type 2 diabetes. (5)

By adding probiotics to your diet, you can improve your gut’s response to the food you eat and allow it to absorb sugar into the blood at the rate it requires.

How can you add probiotics to your diet?

Raw milk, yoghurt, sauerkraut, komucha and kefir are all great sources of probiotics. We’ve carefully created a range of smoothies and supplements t0 help you get your daily probiotic intake – they also have a wide range of vitamins and essential nutrients! Check them out below!

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