Pre-workout game changers

Working out can be a struggle sometimes. Everyone has days when their mind says, ‘not today, please!’ its normal. But how can you prepare your mind for the workout that deep down you don’t want to do? We’ve put together a short list of habits you can get yourself into to best prepare yourself for a workout.



Doing yoga before a workout can be a complete game changer. It brings your mind to your body, allowing you to excel in your workout. By focussing your mind on your temple, you might find that you tap into which parts of your body you want to work. Remembering why you’re going to the gym can be all the inspiration you need and yoga can remind you of this. Pre-workout yoga will also improve you range of movement for your workout, allowing you to do more. Flexibility is key in exercise.

Know that your sleepiness will disappear

We rarely get enough sleep, especially with a hectic lifestyle. But that’s no excuse not to workout. Getting enough rest is crucial, but being a little bleary-eyed shouldn’t be a reason not to exercise. As soon as you step inside that gym, the adrenaline will kick in and you’ll forget you were even tired in the first place! Your warmup will get the blood pumping through your body to give you another wave of energy.


Stay hydrated

We couldn’t recommend this enough. Hydration can reduce oxidative stress. This means you are less likely to get DOMS post-workout, but also means your muscles can work to the best of their ability (1). Water also lubricates your joints which improves rate of movement, flexibility and injury prevention. When you’re dehydrated you feel fatigued, which could be a deterrent from exercise.

Eat protein

While carbs are well known for fuelling your muscles during a workout, protein can also work wonders. The amino acids, specifically branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), enter your blood and straight to your muscles. Having BCAAs in your system while you work out is crucial because exercise breaks them down. By having the nutrients to replace BCAAs, your muscles won’t fatigue as quickly which increases your performance. Better performance = better results!



If you have a plan to workout for an hour, you’ll find it a lot easier to exercise for a decent amount of time. If you go to the gym with the ‘I’ll see how long I last’ attitude, you’ll be out again in 15 minutes. The same goes for what kind of exercise you do. If you write yourself a plan, it’ll be a case of doing what you have to do and you’re less likely to avoid certain exercises because you don’t feel like them.

Gather kit the night before

With your kit ready and waiting in your gym bag, try and tell it you aren’t going to go. Getting it together the night before will allow you to wake up in the mindset of going to the gym. Being organised can do wonders for you gym mindset. Getting into this habit could change your progress levels, too.

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