Protein Smoothie for Breakfast

Protein Smoothies: Why It’s Best to Have one for Breakfast

You have probably heard it a million times before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it has become the ultimate nutritional sin. There is a saying that states you eat breakfast with your friends, lunch alone and dinner with your enemies. In translation, you should eat a hearty breakfast, a decent lunch and modest dinner. But is there any truth behind this old saying? And is it really good to have just a protein smoothie for breakfast?

Benefits of eating breakfast

  •         energy boost throughout the day
  •         stabilized blood sugar
  •         improved digestion
  •         better concentration
  •         better portion control
  •         weight loss

Nutritionist agree with should all be eating breakfast before starting our day. What they do not agree with is what we should be eating however. Up until recently, cereal was the staple breakfast go-to option. It was easy to make, fast to eat, filling and nutritious. Recent studies have pointed out however that perhaps cereal is not such a great option. You may be wondering why on Earth is cereal a bad idea. It seems that most cereal has a lot of added sugar.

The same can be said for other western diet breakfast staples such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pancakes, french pastries or breakfast muffins. We know you are busy and it is easier for you to grab a croissant or a bagel on your way to the office, but you could be setting yourself up for a wide range of health issues and possible future weight fluctuations.

Most fitness and health experts agree that eating a bunch of sugar for breakfast isn’t really your best choice.  Too much sugar on an empty stomach will spike your insulin level and then cause your blood sugar to crash soon after. This insulin yo-yo effect comes with a lot of nasty side effects. You are more likely to store fat and gain weight, have fluctuating blood sugar, develop insulin resistance and get hungry.  Everybody at some point experiences the mid-day munchies. You get really hungry and crave something sweet for an energy boost. Eating a sweet breakfast will only contribute to this further.

In that case, what should we have for breakfast. It seems the best option would be a meal high in protein and good fats. If you are watching your weight or workout early in the morning, you best bet is a protein smoothie.

Protein Smoothies

  •         easy and fast to prepare and digest
  •         filling and nutritious
  •         boosts energy and keeps it throughout the day
  •         great pre-workout meal
  •         stabilises blood sugar
  •         wards off cravings
  •         low in calories and sugar

The takeaway
If you are looking to lose weight or the get a better handle on your eating habits, swapping out your sweet breakfast with a rich Protein Smoothie is a great place to start. Not only will your feel better, you will also have more energy. Time to say good-bye to that afternoon cupcake and those pesky extra-inches that will not come off.

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