Reasons to start working out right now

Lacking motivation? We’ve got the cure. There’s nothing worse than being in the gym when you don’t really want to be there. Here are 6 reasons why you should start working out right now, and actually want to.


After a workout, you’ll feel awesome. Exercise produces endorphins, a happy hormone! Aerobic exercise is also great for your mental health. One study found that after doing exercise for four months, 60-70% of the subjects studied no longer had depression (1). Exercise also relieves stress and anxiety. It gets rid of the stress hormone, cortisol, almost immediately when you start exercising.

Be healthy

Being fit decreases your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and so many more diseases. Not only that, but it increases your immune system and improves your mental health. Feeling fresh isn’t just a saying… exercising will make you feel better from the inside out. How’s that for an excuse to go to the gym right now?

Helps you respect your body

It goes without saying that the more toned you are, the more you’ll love your body. But exercise helps you connect with it, too. If you’re putting hard work in and pushing your body to the limits, you’ll have respect for its formation. Other people will probably start to compliment you as well!


There have been numerous studies to prove that regular exercise improves fatigue and increases energy levels. Even if it’s just a short walk, it might leave you feeling more refreshed than a nap! It gets more oxygen to our lungs and can even help you forget that you’re tired.

Reduces PMS

When it’s that time of the month, we’re stressed and antsy – we already know that exercise helps with this. In one study, though, teenage girls reported less anger and stress as a result of PMS having done 60 minutes of exercise, three times a week for 8 weeks. Aerobic exercise is also great for relieving back pain or cramps from PMS.

Boosts creativity

Having writer’s block? Head out for a walk or to the gym to get those creative juices flowing. Exercise clears the mind to help you think more creatively. The change of scene could also spark some new ideas. It’s a win-win situation!

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