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Smoothie Recipes That Will Make You Smile All Day Long

Ladies, even if you are not crazy about smoothies, you will certainly want to try these creative smoothie recipes that can make you look and feel amazing all day long.

In case you were wondering what you should have for breakfast, starting your day off with a smoothie is the best choice for your health: smoothies based on green tea are loaded with antioxidants and metabolism-boosting catchetins, while green smoothies (made of lemons, lettuce leaves, cucumber and/or celeries) are rich in omega-3, antioxidant vitamins A and E, fortifying B-complex vitamins, and potassium. Not only will the nutrients in these drinks help you look fresh and beautiful, but they will also give you that necessary energy boost you need in the morning.

Looking for a breakfast smoothie recipe that will give you energy and will make your skin and hair glow? Opt for a protein mango breakfast smoothie. To prepare this nutritious energy boost drink, you will need 1 cup mangoes (fresh or frozen, cubes), 1⁄2 banana, 1⁄2 cup organic vanilla yogurt, 1⁄2 cup fruit juice, of your choice, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder and 1 tablespoon wheat germ. Blend all the ingredients above until the mix is smooth and serve immediately.

Breakfast smoothie after an intense workout

Do you usually work out in the morning? For a speedy  post workout recovery and improved efficiency at work, opt for a banana blueberry smoothie. To prepare this amazing drink, put some frozen banana chunks and 1/4 c. skim milk into the blender and blend for a few minutes. Also, add blueberries, honey, Greek yogurt, and some more milk. Blend again until smooth. What do you think? Doesn’t it taste great? Besides its great taste, this smoothie is low in calories, high in calcium and it’s a good source of antioxidants.

Breakfast smoothie with coconut water

Here is another healing smoothie recipe that you could drink after a tough morning workout session:

Banana smoothie with coconut water

This smoothie is made of: 1 cup coconut water, 2 bananas, Greek yogurt (2 tablespoons), almond butter (1 tablespoon) and a couple of ice cubes. With only 90 calories, 4% protein, 6% carbs, 12% fibers and 4 % fat, this smoothie will help your body recover after your regular workout routine. This coconut water based drink is easy to digest (so that the body can absorb the nutrients faster) and it helps you re-hydrate your body after intense physical activity. The proteins in this smoothie help speed muscle recovery and the high potassium levels help maintaining steady energy levels.

Here are a few smoothie recipes that will make you smile all day long. What other smoothie recipes have you tried with good results?




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