How to speed up your metabolism through exercise

Any kind of exercise will speed up your metabolism. Even if it’s a short walk to the shops, it helps your body use energy more efficiently. So how do you speed it up to the max through exercise?

Balanced fitness

There’s a lot of talk about which type of exercise makes you lose weight the fastest. Some say cardio, some say weight lifting – the truth is, the best exercise for you depends on your own body, your lifestyle, diet and a whole load of other things. The only way to figure out which one will speed up you metabolism is the fastest is trial and error. This takes a lot of time and patience, which is why we’d suggest doing a mix of cardio and weights, which has proven to be a good way to lose weight (1). Cardio gets the heart pumping, which undoubtedly burns calories. By adding some weights into your workout, you’ll build muscle, too. Muscle cells use up more energy than fat cells, so by having more of them, you will speed up your metabolism. It’s a kinda short term, long term thing: a cardio workout will use up energy on the spot (and also slightly increase your metabolic rate afterwards, too), having more muscle will use up more energy for as long as you have it! So, by working on aerobic fitness and your muscle gain, you’ll cover all bases for a heightened metabolic rate.


Although it’s beneficial to balance your cardio workouts with weight sessions, you can be sneaky and add some extra cardio into your day to spend a little more calories. In fact, Be creative with this – add in a jog or a couple of sprints to your dog walk, run up the stairs instead of walking, or even do jumping jacks while running a bath! Whatever it is, adding little bursts of cardio to your day could keep your metabolic rate up for the most part of your waking hours.

Interval training

You’ve probably heard of HIIT by now – High Intensity Interval Training. And yes, it is intense. But it’s the interval training in HIIT which burns fat. Changing up your heart rate by going from a high to low intensity takes up a lot of energy. You can do intervals on a spinning bike, running, cross-training and of course doing a HIIT workout. This kind of workout is also great if you’re finding you have reached a plateau in your weight loss. Adding in some intervals just might be the change up you need to kick your metabolism back into action!



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