What squats can do for your body: 6 reasons to start squatting

Squats are ah-maz-ing! We love them. Aside from improving leg strength, squats affect your whole body strength, balance and mobility. We get down to the nitty gritty of squats and what they can do for your body.

Builds muscle all over your body

An obvious benefit of squats are improved leg muscle strength. This means your quads, hammies, calves and ankle. But our favourite reason to squat? They create an anabolic environment: i.e. nutritional, hormonal, and metabolic activities that control growth. This means that squats completely set the scene for your muscle development. Squats are so intense that they release testosterone which is crucial for muscle growth. This helps develop muscle mass all over your body in general, not just with the muscles that you directly use when squatting. Basically, squats help you improve upper and lower strength!

Burn more fat

Did you know that for every pound of additional muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50-70 calories a day!? It doesn’t sound that much at first, but if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll burn 500-700 more calories a day. What’s the most effective way to build muscle? Squats! Your leg muscles are some of the strongest in your body so you can work them harder. It’s the easiest part of the body to build muscle on. So what are you waiting for? Squat away to burn fat!

Improve balance and mobility

Legs aren’t the only thing you work when squatting, however. When done correctly, they’ll work your core and glutes too. In fact, your legs have to work in harmony with he rest of your body to stabilise itself, so they’ll pretty much give you a full body workout without realising. Learning to stabilise your body improves balance. You have to work at your brain-muscle relationship! Increasing balance will be beneficial for all areas of life.

Prevent injuries

Most injuries are a result of weak stabiliser muscles, ligament and connective tissues. This is why ankles and knees are often the first to go – they are full of these ligaments! Squats help strengthen these without impact, meaning they can become stronger without risk of injury (when done correctly and with the right weights of course!).

Boost sport performance

Leg muscles are used in nearly every sport, as is balance and mobility. This is why squats are often part of an athletes’ training program. The benefits of squats on sport performance are endless!

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