The sunshine vitamin & why it’s vital

An estimated 1 billion people have a Vitamin D deficiency. This is mainly due to lack of sunshine from staying inside too much. (1) Making sure you get enough vitamin D is good for your mind, body and soul. Here’s why!


Vitamin D is formed in your skin, but when your skin ages, it doesn’t produce nearly as much as when you were young. This is why it’s really important to take Vitamin D supplements to ensure you have enough in your body. Having sufficient amounts of Vitamin D will help reduce acne and increase elasticity. This means that your skin will be more supple and soft. It also enhances the radiance and lessen the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. So, want healthier, younger looking skin? Add some more Vitamin D to your diet.


A deficiency in Vitamin D can also lead to hair loss. This is because Vitty D is found in hair follicles. Often when hair follicles are unhealthy, they lack Vitamin D. Healthy follicles = happy hair!

You might have heard of the Keratin to make hair straight and smooth. Well, Vitamin D stimulates keratinocytes which kicks the follicles into growing hair. In fact, hair follicles are Vitamin D receptors, which means they are ready to soak it up. Without it, you can suffer from hair loss as they cannot function without it.


A Norwegian trial proved that there is a correlation between a lack of Vitamin D and depression (2). This is also linked to your immune system. Vitamin D helps your immune system safeguard against cold and flu viruses. When this is compromised, so is your mood. Vitamin D can actually make you feel happier and more energised.

Vitamin D is also known for keeping your brain active, especially important as you grow older. It also helps maintain body weight!

So how can you get Vitamin D?

Well, obvious solutions are staying in the sun more or popping supplement pills. You can also get it from salmon, tuna, soy milk, orange juice and eggs.

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  1. Since moving to Panama where the sun is always shining I haven’t been happier. I completely agree with this article. I feel so healthy from this naturally abundant vitamin everyday!

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