Dessi’s Superfood protein bars

This superfood protein bar is a delicious recipe using our own Superfood Mix. It’s the perfect recipe if you want a superfood protein bar in the morning or afternoon to keep you going. We’ve used dates as the glue to keep these together, but you can substitute with eggs if you fancy. It’ll be less sweet that way but it’ll still keep the superfood protein bar goodness.

One of the best things we love about these breakfast bars is the mixture of colour, taste and texture of the different ingredients that makes this a feast for the senses.

The combination of chewiness and crunchiness, sweetness and bitterness is just delightful. Make this superfood protein bar on a Sunday and have snack for the rest of the week. Best kept in a air tight container ideally in the fridge. It’s all packed with fibre, good fats and protein to give you energy and nurture from the inside out.

Try our Superfood Shots to sprinkle into the mix to pack in the goodness.

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