How to sweat more while doing weight training

Cardio has always been the sweaty exercise known to use up the most calories. But recently the attention has been on resistance and weight training. This is because it helps build up lean muscle which uses up more energy. Weight training also allows you to achieve a toned appearance. So what is it about cardio which was always so attractive? Well, one of the reasons is that it makes you sweat. This increase in body temperature has been proven to burn more calories by the Universities of Brighton and Southern California. But what if there is a way to weight train while sweating more at the same time? Game changer!

Turn up the heat

This one might seem obvious, but have you thought about it? We’re not saying you shouldn’t work hard but instead turn up the temperature of your gym, but definitely consider what the air temperature is. If you live in a cold country, it might be worth turning up the heat a few degrees to sweat more. And even if you don’t live in icy climes, keep the temp high because it’s a lot harder to work out in the heat. You might find you have to push yourself more to do your normal workout.

Stay hydrated prior to your workout

If you’re dehydrated, your body will do everything it can to retain water – including reduced sweating. Drink more before you exercise to make sure you are actually able to sweat properly. Don’t forget to keep hydrated throughout your workout, too!

Measure your heart rate

It’s important not to measure your quality of workout on how much you sweat. But by measuring your heart rate, you can see what exercises raise it and make you sweat more. By using a heart rate monitor, you can also maximise HIIT training to increase the amount that you sweat. The higher your heart rate, the more you sweat!

Add in a mix of high movement resistance training

This is to get your heart rate up and get you sweating better. Think of exercises that use weights, but also require lots of movement. For example, kettlebell curtsies require movement into a curtsy, as well as raising your leg, whilst also resisting the weight of the kettle bell. Kettle bell swings are also a great resistance movement. Just make sure that you aren’t moving too much or you could injure yourself. Keep your abs tight and your knees soft in all resistance movements!

Wear your Zaggora

We couldn’t leave you with all these wondrous tips on how to Sweat Better™ without mentioning the ultimate way to up your sweat levels. Our Zaggora activewear is made of ThermoFit™ fabric to trap your body heat, making you sweat more. This method has been proven to burn 11% more calories than a workout in standard workout clothes. Even just wearing them around the house you’ll notice an increase in moisture!

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