The underwater workout

Sometimes we just need to mix it up to keep motivated and energised. What better way to do that than some underwater exercise? Don’t worry, we don’t mean fully submerged – at least keep your head afloat so you can actually breathe! (Disclaimer: most people have their arms above water, too, so a shallow pool is crucial). Water aerobics is a great way to combine cardio with strength training: the perfect activity to burn fat.

We’d recommend doing each exercises for 1 minute then do the circuit again. Only do as much as you can… or more if you really want to push yourself!

1. Jog on the spot

Keep your knees high and your abs tight.

2.Elbow to knee twist (standing up)

Cross your right elbow over your left knee at the waist. Alternate sides controlling with your abs.

3.Tick-tock jump

Quickly jump from side to side, keeping feet together and springing off the ground as hard as you can.

4. Squat jump

This is a classic squat jump with a slight underwater twist: keep your arms extended at shoulder height, then when you jump, move your arms over your head.

5. Jog on the spot

Keep your knees high and your abs tight.

6. Bicycle

Lean with your back against the side of the pool using your arms on the side of the pool as support. Pedal your legs on the surface of the water, as if you were doing a bicycle crunch.

7. Underwater leg raises

From the bicycle position, extend your legs in front of you. Move them up and down slowly and controlled with your back against the pool wall. Keep your legs together and use your abs. You can also do side leg raises where you bring your legs over to the right, then the left, and back to the centre.

8. Reverse Crunch

From the bicycle position (again), extend your legs and keep your feet together. Pull both knees into chest and lower to the original position. Make sure you engage your lower abs to protect your lower back!

9. Flutter kick

 This time, hold onto the side of the pool but have your body facing downwards. Kick your legs on the surface of the water.

10. Jumping jacks

Jump your legs out to the side, as if you were doing a JJ on land. The challenge is to not let your feet touch the ground when you jump back to centre…and repeat! To step it up a notch, try not touching your feet on the bottom throughout the whole exercise – good luck!

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