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Top Workout Programs for Weight Loss

Losing weight, sticking to an exercise program and quitting smoking are among the top 10 new year resolutions, according to statistics. Each year, 40 to 45% of adults in the USA make one this resolutions, but how many of these resolutions are maintained throughout the year?

Sadly, studies also show that more than 50% of the people who make such resolutions at new year have already given up on them by the end of June. What is going on? Why is it so hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan? The biggest mistake people make is that even though they identify what they want to achieve, they do not focus on finding the most effective ways to get there. Setting realistic targets and developing action plans is how you can actually turn your dreams into reality and this is where most people fail.

Therefore, in order to stick to your weight loss plan, you need to:

–    Set specific, achievable goals, like: “I want to drop 10 pounds” (instead of something too generic, like: ‘I want to lose some fat’) or: “I want to tone my abs”, instead of: “I want to have a toned body” or “I want to look like Ariana Grande”

–    Find the best fitness program for your body

–    Set a time frame for when you want to achieve your weight loss goals (make use of short term goals and long term goals) to keep your motivation

–    Make sure the journey towards your goal is exciting. Here, you can use your imagination to find new interesting ways to exercise

–    Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed at first attempt. Persistence is everything. Keep exercising until you arrive at your ideal weight.

Top Workout Routines for Women

Whereas each body type may need a different type of training to look best, certain sets of exercises can do no wrong, no matter what type of silhouette you may have. If you are a cardio fan, you should pause cycling and running a bit and focus on lifting weights to help amp your metabolism and increase bone density. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when working out and even while you are at rest. Here are a few exercises you may want to try:

–      Squats (15 reps)– these will tone your arms, hips, shoulders, core

–      Pelvis lifts – (15 reps) are good for your thighs, abs and core

–      Standing rows – (10 reps) are good for your upper back, arms and glutes.

–      Mountain climber – will tone your arms, back, legs and abs.

–      Slide hip drops – are ideal for toning your waist, hips, back and shoulders.

–     Stretching moves at the end of each workout when your muscles are already warm is ideal for improving your body flexibility.

A Weight Loss Program That Works

Of course, it’s up to you to find the best fitness programs and the perfect meal plans that will help you complete your body transformation plan. No matter how hard it may seem, keep in mind your goal and always think of new original, fun weight loss goal achievement strategies. Most of the times, the very person that stands in your way is yourself.

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