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Ultimate smoothie: the only smoothie recipe you’ll ever need?

Here’s how to make that ultimate smoothie. We all know that in order to stay happy and healthy we’ve got to eat our 5 a day. We also know we need to eat 3 meals a day, with a few snacks in between for good measure. The good news is that not all meals have to be traditional. Some can come in the form of a delicious smoothie! Not only is it fun and exciting, but highly nutritious.

Before I go further, it’s very important to know the ingredients in your ultimate smoothie. There seems to be an influx of “smoothie” and “juice” bars popping up, that are filled with sugar, fillers, and cheap protein powers – making it no better than fast food. It can be deceiving! A real ultimate smoothie consists of healthy ingredients such as water, milk (plant or animal based), nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables supply us with vitamins, micro nutrients, and dietary fiber, which is essential to a healthy body. There is scientific proof that fiber intake has a direct impact on lowering cardiovascular disease and obesity. Research has also shown a significant reduction in bladder cancer for women who ate the highest quantities of cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, and yellow-orange vegetables. They saw reductions of about 52%, 44%, and 30% (2). Ladies! Need I say more.

Sourcing The Equipment

What you need to put this baby together is a blender. Getting the right blender is crucial on your quest for the last smoothie recipe you’ll ever need, as it can be a game changer!

If money isn’t too much of object, I would have to hands-down suggest you buy a Vitamix. They are reliable machines that stand the test of time – lasting years for some, and are often used in professional kitchens. That’s got to say something. They can take the pressure of just about any food, nut, or hard ingredient, even making nut butter!! The downside is they can cost you up to a small down payment on a house.

If money is a concern – I still wouldn’t waste time buying a cheap blender that starts smoking the moment you put it to the test. That said, there are a few affordable options out there, that won’t put you out of pocket. Buying a cheapo may seem like all you can afford at the time, but looking at the bigger picture, that baby will not go the distance, and you may lose the “smoothie plot” in the end. I would recommend the Magic Blender, or at least a blender that crushes ice and is above 800 watts. You may want to also consider the size of your blender jug. I know when I make ultimate smoothie, I make it for the whole family, so I need something big!

Ultimate Smoothie Ingredients

So now you’ve got your blender, time to play with your taste buds. The beauty of blending your ultimate smoothie is you can throw in all sorts of vegetables that you may not fancy too much. Kale! I personally love just about any vegetable and fruit, cooked, blended, and straight up raw! Call me a goat 😉 I do have a few issues with certain types of kale, as the texture can be a little tedious to chew. My kids have a few they’re not too keen on as well, this is why disguise under a nice creamy chocolate smoothie, is a mothers best kept secret!

Putting It All Together

You’ve got the blender and your ingredients, now it’s time to whack this smoothie together and make magic! I’ll break it down here in 5 easy steps:

1.Your Liquid

It’s up to you how much liquid you want to use, as less liquid will be a thicker smoothie, more liquid, a thinner smoothie. You can use about 4-8 ounces of either:

Almond milk – protein, magnesium, vitamin E

Water – minerals

Cow’s milk – calcium, vitamin D

Goat’s milk – calcium

Green Tea – antioxidants

Cashew Milk – selenium, phosphorus

2.Your Fruit

One or two handfuls of chopped fruit, frozen or fresh. Having frozen fruit in the freezer is so practical, as it’s always fresh and on hand. Because it’s frozen it also has extra water and of course makes your smoothie nice and cold.

Berries – antioxidants, vitamin c

Bananas – potassium

Pineapple – B6, manganese, calcium

Apples – antioxidants, phytonutrients

Dates – vitamin A, thiamine, niacin

3.Your veggie

You can choose a good 2-3 handfuls of vegetables, several if using leafy greens. Here is where you can get creative and throw in that kale and spinach, or any leafy green you have a hard time eating. A bit of ginger adds a nice zing, and has stomach soothing properties. A note on greens: There is nothing like getting a green piece stuck in your throat – doesn’t help with disguising it either. Make sure to blend it real well till there aren’t any bits.

Avocado – potassium, monounsaturated fatty acids

Kale – folate, magnesium

Spinach – iron, zinc, niacin

Beetroots – vitamin c, folate

Cucumber – magnesium, potassium

Celery – fiber, vitamin k

Pumpkin – beta carotene

4.Your Healthy Fat

It’s up to you if you prefer to blend or sprinkle your healthy fat on top. Soaking your nuts and seeds for a few hours will give them added nutrients, as well as give you smoothie a buttery texture.

Chia seeds – omega 3 fatty acids

Walnuts – melatonin

Almonds – protein, magnesium, vitamin E

Cashews – selenium, phosphorus

Sunflower seeds – protein, vitamin E

5.Your Protein powder

If you need an extra kick of protein add a spoon or two of your choice of powder. Some powders will make your smooth bulk up and be extra thick so you may want to add more liquid.

Hemp protein

Whey wheat

Pea protein

Rice protein

Plain cocoa powder (I threw this one in this category as it’s a fantastic powder, full of antioxidants)

Once you have all your chosen ingredients inside your machine, blend it up until there aren’t any chunks, leaves, or bulky bits – unless you like bits of course!

Zaggora Lean Protein Smoothies

Being prepared with your equipment and quality ingredients to make your smoothies on a daily basis, can be somewhat tedious. If it’s not at the ready, you may avoid making it altogether, or you may be missing some key ingredients. Which is why Zaggora’s got your back. They have put together a series of highly nutritional lean protein smoothie powders, ready for you to mix and pour! It’s easy to use, full of micro and macro nutrients, delicious, and ready for you at the click of a button!

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  1. I LOVE my smoothies – and you’be shared some fantastic ideas here.
    It’s such a cool way to enjoy a treat, but you get the health benefits as well. I’ll call that a win-win.

    I love to mix the fruits up – sometimes by the season, other times by the specific benefits. I love adding spinach too.

    Great post 🙂

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