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Wearing Yoga Hot Pants on the Sidewalk – Yes or No

I am sure you’ve asked yourself many times: “Is it OK to wear my workout capris in public?” “Is this gym outfit too sexy for the sidewalk?” “What can I pair my leggings with so that I don’t look too hot?”

The truth is, no matter what some people may say about yoga pants, they are comfortable, all season and so versatile you could probably wear them with anything.

How To Wear Hot Yoga Pants And Look Cool

If you want to wear yoga pants in public and still look good, you can get some inspiration from the famous models like Gigi Hadid or Kendal Jenner who seem to love wearing gym pants everywhere.

Whether you pair it with an oversized bomber jacket, a t-shirt or a trench, it can become your daily uniform if you stick to a few rules:

  1.    To avoid any wardrobe malfunction, choose a pair that is truly opaque.  You don’t want to wear see-through leggings in broad daylight, so, test them under bright lights before purchase.
  2.     Even if you think yoga pants look good under a shirt dress, refrain from wearing them at work. You won’t look professional, no matter how hard you may try.
  3.     When you wear hot pants, always layer up to dress up your look.  A leather jacket, an elegant blazer or a nice trench will  instantly elevate your look.
  4.     Also, it is important to accessorize your hot pants look. A pair of funky sunglasses and a designer bag will do the trick.
  5.     Pay attention to yoga pants’ expiration date. Wearing them after this date is not recommended if you don’t want to look shabby and classless.
  6.      Choose appropriate (invisible) underwear to make sure panty lines don’t show.
  7. In  winter, you can wear your yoga pants as a thicker alternative to leggings. Wear them with a pair of over the knee boots and an oversized sweater for comfort and style.
  8. Opt for active wear items that are functional and fashionable at the same time. Check out photos of big yoga pants fans Rita Ora, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jessica Alba for inspiration.
  9. Dress for the occasion. You can’t wear a sports bra and short pants if you must attend a cocktail party at a fancy hotel.
  10.  When it comes to colours, always stick to neutrals when in doubt. Dark grey, black or navy yoga pants look good in any combination.

Wearing gym clothes in the street has become a huge trend. People of all ages are wearing their workout wear all day now, whether it’s yoga pants with an oversized coat and trainers, or a cropped T-shirt with a biker jacket and some high-heeled boots.  You just have to find the right combination.

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