Why you should be eating algae

Algae you say? YUCK! While it might not be the most delicious form of greens, it is abundant in nutrients that you won’t want to live without. Our favourites are chlorella and spirulina – here’s the low-down on why you should be eating algae!

Blood benefits

Algae, such as chlorella and spirulina, help lower cholesterol levels. They are also known for lowering your blood pressure, too (1) (2).

Weight loss

Chlorella and spirulina both contain protein. This aids weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer because protein is hard for your digestive enzymes to break down. Because of this, it speeds up your metabolism, too.


Spirulina is anti-inflammatory because it prevents the release of histamines in cells (3). Chlorella has also been proven to help reduce inflammation, but there is more research to be done on the subject (4).


Chlorella has been proven to detoxify the body from heavy metals (3, 4). These can enter the body from regularly eating fish, being exposed to radiation, vaccinations and even having mercury fillings. It is super important to counteract the effects of heavy metals as they are harmful to your body! Spirulina is an antioxidant that combats lead in particular (5). Lead can enter your body through inhalation – it can be in the soil or even in water from your plumbing!


When you think of omega-3, you think oily fish, right? Well it turns out that both chlorella and spirulina are good sources of omega-3 (67). This fatty acid is essential for cognitive function, a healthy heart and a strong immune system. Adding these green substances to your morning smoothie could make all the difference to your health!

Oxidative stress

Studies have shown that chlorella and spirulina (8, 9) prevent oxidative stress and as a result detoxifies the body. This will help reduce inflammation and therefore help prevent DOMS after intense exercise.

How can you include spirulina and chlorella in your diet?

Both come powered form which you can add to smoothies, sprinkle on salads. There are also tablet supplements, too. All of our breakfast protein smoothies have spirulina in them and our superfood green shots have both spirulina and chlorella in them! For a quick and easy way to add all the algae goodness to your diet, head to our health foods section below!

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