Women's Slimming Black Pants

Women’s Slimming Black Pants – Shorts, Leggings or Capri Pants?

We should be thankful to live in a time when we can easily find quality workout wear that can maximize our slimming and toning efforts. The new improved materials and intelligent cuts can help us get in shape faster and stay healthy for a longer period of time. But what kind of hot pants should we choose for each type of workout?

Compression shorts – for body weight workouts

Compression shorts hold your muscles in place, which means that they increase your performance when you choose body weight workouts.

Capri Pants for Yoga

For hot yoga, Capri pants and bra tops should be favored. Full length pants with waistband and light compression are also recommended for yoga classes, when you need comfort, support and freedom to move. Also opt for pants with multiple pockets and a comfortable elastic waist band, made of fast-drying materials.

Long leggings for Dancing

Running tights with medium compression could be great for dancing classes, where you need clothes that offer support, but also freedom to jump and bounce.  Of course, you can also wear shorts over full-length leggings if it makes you feel the best.

Compression Pants for Running

If running is your favourite type of exercise, look for hot pants with high compression, stay-put waistband and temperature regulation. Longer lengths are preferred especially if you run outdoors..

For extra comfort, also look for running pants made of materials with sweat wicking properties and antimicrobial treatment that eliminates odors.

Gym Wear for Pilates

For successful Pilates workouts, you need pants made of a quality, non-slippery material, with medium compression and waistband. Opt for pants with no metal parts or zippers which could snag. Some leggings also have heat reducing panels which can help you stay cool and comfortable even during the most intense workout routines.

It is easier to show up and train hard at the gym when you wear the right kind of clothes. The options seem endless, as new active wear brands emerge every day, but you can never go wrong if you look for comfort, functionality and, of course, style.

When it comes to hot pants, you should search for the right kind of  apparel according to your preferred workout. Quality fitness pants not only offer comfort and support during the exercises, but they also maintain skin’s smoothness and increase its firmness. Many workout pants also offer UV protection  and wick away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable during the exercises.

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