The wonders of red beet

‘Why do you use beetroot in so many products?’ you ask. The simple answer: because they do wondrous things for your health. The complicated answer:

Heart and blood

In 2008, a study was published that explored the ingestion of beetroot juice in healthy participants. The study found that beet juice lowers blood pressure (1). It is thought that this is because beetroots have a high level of nitrate which is converted into nitric oxide by the body. This helps relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Cognitive function

Beetroot has been found to slow the progression of dementia in adults. This is mainly because beetroot increases blood flow to the brain. Dementia is caused by a decrease in this blood flow, which means to delay dementia, consuming beets could be a good place to start!


Beetroot is high in fibre which helps get your gut moving! This helps with weight loss and healthy digestion. The fibre content in beetroot also improves bowel movements to reduce constipation.


This red veg also helps fight inflammation. It has high levels of betaine, which is an amino acid that promotes muscle conditioning. This means that when you work out, it will help you recover quicker because muscular inflammation will be reduced.


Beet juice is particularly beneficial for long-term endurance exercise. This is because it improves muscle oxygenation during exercise. When more oxygen is able to reach muscles, they work better and for a longer duration. Beetroot also loosens blood vessels, meaning more blood can reach your muscles, further allowing more oxygen to them!

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