The workout you can carry in your purse

Resistance bands: compact, light and painful – yet so satisfying. They are the most nimble piece of equipment you will ever invest in… they’ll even fit into your clutch without taking up much room. Want to know how to use them? We’ve put together some exercises to sculpt your body while on the move! For these exercises, we suggest you use a theraband (aka loop band) – they’re smaller but thicker, meaning they create more resistance (they’re also easier to fit in your purse!). You can adjust the exercises depending on the type of exercise band you would like to use.


Crab extend – in a squat position, push your outer thighs against the band. You should feel it burn your glutes. Do this as a pulsing movement for 16 counts and repeat 3 times. Build it up as you get stronger!

Clams – Place the band around your legs, just above the knee. Lie on your side with your knees in front at roughly 90°. Keeping your feet together, engage your glutes. Raise your top leg as high as it will go while keeping your muscles working. Once you reach that point, lower the leg to where it started and repeat. Make sure the movement comes from your hips, but make sure your glutes are doing the work!

Glute bridge – with the band just above your knees, lie on your back. Bring your knees up and place your feet as close to your glutes as possible, and your knees as far out against as the band as you can. You should aim to try and snap the band! (don’t worry, you won’t actually be able to) Lift you glutes up, so that your body is diagonally straight. Remember to keep your spine neutral – don’t let it slump or over extend. Once you reach the ‘top’, lower back down to the ground and repeat. For an extra burn, every 10 reps stay at the top and push your thighs outwards, and keep pushing at a pulse rate and do 10-20 reps at a time. This will be killer for those glutes!

Lateral band walks – Place the band around your shins, just above your ankles, and have your feet far apart so that the band is extended. Keeping your abs tight and your knees soft, walk to your right so that your right leg is pushing against the band. Walk 10 steps to the right and 10 to the left, and repeat!


Arm push outs – With your abs engaged and your knees soft, extend your arms out in front of you. The band should be held in between your thumbs and index finger. Keeping your arms level, push them outwards, tapping into your triceps and biceps. You can do this as a pulse or a longer exercise!

Arm pull-up – place your foot inside the band, and anchor it to the floor. Grasp the other end of the band and pull your elbow up towards the ceiling. Do this for 8 counts, then 16 as a pulse. You’ll be working your shoulders and biceps.

Triceps – place your hands up and over your head, as if you were working on your triceps with weights, but use your band instead. Push your hands outwards so the band is stretched as much as possible. As a pulsing movement, try and break the band by pushing outwards at every pulse. Try not to lax the band but continue to push outwards.

Bicep curl – place your left hand palm on your right collar bone, with the band secured inside. With your right hand, clasp the other end of the band and lower it down towards your quads – don’t let your elbow lock out! Slow and controlled, bring your lower arm back up towards your right shoulder and repeat this movement. Remember to keep your abs tight and your knees soft to protect your lower back. Do this with your left arm, too.


Crab walks – with the band around your quads, sit back into a sweat position and move one leg outward, and the other one inward so you’re effectively walking like a crab. Stay low and don’t bounce back up to feel it in your glutes and quads.

Squats – place the band just above your knees and do a basic squat. Engage your quads and glutes, keep your abs tight and move push your bum out first before your move your quads downwards. You can either do a series of squats, or sit in the squat position, keep the band as flexed as possible.

Lunges – with the band above your knees, do a lunge – you might have to move the band upwards if it is too hard! Make sure you do both legs.

Squat jumps – this is a great way to add in some cardio to your resistance band workout. Sit in the basic squat position and jump up, getting your legs straight and point your toes. With a soft landing, lower back into the squat position and jump again.


Plank – place the band around your quads and do 45 sec plank. Using the band should tap into your glutes, and to support your glutes you have to work your abs harder! Have a 15 sec rest and repeat.

Hip dips – keep the band where it is and stay in the plank position. Roll onto the sides of your feet to move your right hip towards the floor. Bring yourself back to centre and repeat on the left side. Try and keep your body straight and zone into your abs to prevent your back from arching!

Side plank with leg raise – place the band around your ankles. In a side plank position, keep your abs tight to keep the hip elevated. Lift your upper leg so that the band is taught, and if you can, push the leg higher to put more resistance on it. This might take time to perfect as it requires incredible core strength and balance!

V-row – with the band above your knees, sit with your legs out in front of you and your body rocked backwards. Keep your back straightened and your arms out in front too. Move both your legs and body simultaneously in these next steps: keeping your heels together, move your ankles in towards your glutes. Your knees should naturally move outwards, as if you were stretching your inner thighs. At the same time, move your arms outwards and your body upwards – keep your abs taut and your back straight. Lower back down to the starting position and repeat with power!

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