Workouts that burn the most fat

Cardio or weight training to burn fat? Good question. When it comes to weight loss, there’s no right answer. But HIIT workouts could speed up the process.

What are HIITs?

Pain. But no pain, no gain! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These short but sweet workouts are 30 mins long. In each session you combine cardio with muscular training to shock your body into action. A typical HIIT workout would include weights, running or rowing sprints, squats, push ups, and so on – the aim is to work every muscle in 30 mins while getting your sweat on by inserting cardio intervals.

Why are they the best at burning fat?

HIIT workouts get both your cardio and muscles working manically. This intense training essentially startles your body into working hard. This speeds up your metabolism for up to 8 hours after your workout. In 2008, the University of California did a study that revealed combining weights and cardio into the same session simultaneously would reap the most benefits. Two groups were tested: one did cardio then resistance training, while the other integrated the two. The group who did integrated workouts resulted in higher upper and lower body muscle strength, muscle endurance and a decline in muscle fat (1).

What HIIT workout can you do independently?

It’s always great to go to a HIIT class for some ideas and inspo. For some online routines, head to Fitness Blender. Or start now with this bodyweight routine:

10 x press ups

20 x burpies

30 x lunges on each leg

40 x star jumps

15 x leg raises

20 x burpies

1 min plank

30 x crunches

Repeat this circuit 1 – 2 times to use up 30 mins

Remember to cool down and stretch after!


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